Hi, I'm Denise

A Sydney girl from the Northern Beaches.

A day dreamer and a night owl.

My story starts with the creative gift both my parents gave me. My dad an artist/painter and my mum a seamstress/craft queen. I'm so thankful they both had a huge part in the mad creativeness that goes on in my head (if only you could see) After leaving school I went onto study Fine Arts majoring in photography, where learning the skills in the dark room sparked something inside me. And the reason I see every day things around me a little differently. I'm also curious to the unique story of everyone around me. And having three beautiful kids myself and seeing how fast they grow up, plays a huge part in why I love photography so much. Simply, so I can capture it all.

Weather we are spending time together capturing your amazingly beautiful wedding day, having fun with your loving family, celebrating an event or creating your social media and marketing images. My goal is to make everything as fun and as easy as possible.

Pop over and send me a message, ask any questions and lets start creating memories and have some fun.

Denise xx